cronyism at the the Conservative Treehouse

There is a ‘Stella’ who writes articles at, like one glorifying some poetry by JFK of the lying, corrupt, cheating Kennedy clan.

When I dared in comments to criticize the filthy rich there, she began a series of personal attacks on me, using words ike “envy”, “special snowflake” and “thin skinned”. I made no such attacks on her throughout. Was she warned by the moderators there to stop making ad hominem attacks on the very site which brags about their “civilized” atmosphere?

Noooooooo…. of course not. Instead, all of my comments are now being moderated, and will possibly never be approved as long as they contradict their rude crony. Pure hypocrisy.



35 thoughts on “cronyism at the the Conservative Treehouse

  1. If you made logical sense, I would never have responded to you in the first place. And what did you say about me? Why not tell the entire story?

    -people like you who immediately started using the trite attack of saying “envy”.
    -And why are you introducing an ad hominem attack against me by using the word “envy?”

    Your attack against capitalism was the reason why I responded to you. This, in particular, is a dangerous idea that needs to be stopped in its tracks, and you made it on MY blog. It can’t be allowed to stand:

    -capitalism (which in our time is only crony capitalism) is the enemy of the free market system
    -And nothing could be more true than that capitalism is the enemy of the free market system.


    • Welll now, the site that attacks the MSM for restricting views will now be exposed for censorship and hypocrisy. You’re even bragging about censorship of any idea that conflicts with your elitist, country club view.


      • Here’s another ad hominem: You are making a fool of yourself. You have been allowed to comment all that you want on our site, but can’t stand to be contradicted in any way.

        How do you respond? By publishing a petty, and not completely true, account of what happened. I was commenting in the open, just like any other person. I am a moderator, yes, but I have my own opinions.

        I think you aren’t thinking clearly when you confuse capitalism and crony capitalism. They aren’t the same thing – at all. Capitalism is the economic system that drives the engine of our free society. Cronyism is another thing entirely.


        • Nothing I’ve posted here is untrue, everything is comprised only of the words that were posted and your emotional response of putting all my posts on moderation.

          Meanwhile, if you were honest then you would openly state the rules, I suggest something like this: nothing that disagrees with Stella (who apparently ‘owns’ the blog) will be tolerated.

          I think you’ve been spending too much time at the country club, whatever your elitist version of that is.


          • I am an “owner” of the blog; one among several of us. When you have helped to run a successful blog for a few years, you may begin to understand the dynamics, including moderation as a crowd control tool. When you have more than 75,000 visits a day, it’s necessary. Allowing everyone to say anything they want to doesn’t work, and results in chaos. The moderation tool is what has kept our blog readable.

            You really can’t take criticism. Mine was offered in the open and was legitimate, whether you are willing to admit it or not.

            Saying that I am an “elitist” or a “country club” member doesn’t change that. And those are ad hominem comments, by the way. And silly, if you really knew me, but of course you do not. You would rather use quotes from the blog in a dishonest way that twists their meaning, just as you did with your comments about my Poetry post. To “get even”.


            • “Allowing everyone to say anything they want to doesn’t work, and results in chaos.”

              Translation: you say whatever you want, including the repeated and supposedly forbidden personal. attacks, but replies to your attacks are “chaos”. Even pointing out your personal attacks is “chaos”. Have you got around to deleting or editing comments yet from that episode yet?

              And I’m not getting even with anyone. I’m reporting factual news about censorship and hypocrisy. And elitism. Or do you think you’re immune from factual expose’ about your double standards?


            • Keep fooling yourself. It won’t fool anyone else. And I won’t delete your comments, or mine. They are instructive.


    • That would be the post that “has little or nothing to do with JFK that says:

      What has been said about the subject? I found the following quotes:

      When power leads man toward arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the areas of man’s concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of his existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses, for art establishes the basic human truths which must serve as the touchstones of our judgment. The artist, however faithful to his personal vision of reality, becomes the last champion of the individual mind and sensibility against an intrusive society and an officious state. The great artist is thus a solitary figure. He has, as Frost said, “a lover’s quarrel with the world.” In pursuing his perceptions of reality he must often sail against the currents of his time … John F Kennedy


      • As you know, that was one of MANY quotes I used to illustrate the definition of POETRY. Others were by Salman Rushdie, Shelley, T.S. Eliot, and Robert Frost. how did you conflate that into “one glorifying some poetry by JFK .” It was JFK’s comments at a dedication of the Robert Frost library. JFK isn’t a poet, I don’t believe.


        • Sure, it depends on what the meaning of “is” is. Uh huh.

          Btw, I stopped reading when I saw you quoting Kennedy, as any decent person would stop. Conniving, cheating-on-spouse, elitist JFK… someone you feel worthy of being quoted. Elitist Camelot and all that.

          Have you noticed your posts are not moderated here? That’s aside from the initial post, which was the default setting on this 2-day old blog. I’ve since changed that setting.

          What I’m talking about here is called freedom of expression. Elitists don’t know much about that.

          Will you also suppress or try to intimidate those who liked my post about crony capitalism?


          • Will you also suppress or try to intimidate those who liked my post about crony capitalism?

            No, of course not. I recommended that people come here to read it. We can agree to disagree.


          • Btw, I stopped reading when I saw you quoting Kennedy, as any decent person would stop. Conniving, cheating-on-spouse, elitist JFK… someone you feel worthy of being quoted. Elitist Camelot and all that.

            Well, that explains it. You didn’t READ the post you are condemning!

            And, by your further comments, I can see that the “envy” comment I made fell closer to the tree than I ever intended.


            • You can try to distract and to distort my words all that you want. Only toadies would believe you. The fact is indisputabe that you quoted JFK, and not in a way to disagree with or criticize him. Who’s next for quoting, Snoop Dogg?

              You made personal attacks that are supposedly against the rules, then you put me on moderation for objecting and disagreeing. You did all that to defend the rich.

              You actually think that people envy you? That is quite a laugh. I’ve said that I am a Christian, not the fake kind that only talks the talk. I suppose you envy Gates, c’est la vie.

              And no, I don’t want to post anymore on your hypocritical, elitist blog. It’s a waste of time to compose comments and have them possibly rejected according to the whim of people like you at a heavy handed site like yours. You can try and spin that all you want.


            • Hey, you made me laugh! I’d want to comment on your ego-moderated blog again because it’s such a privilege? Well, you have a sense of humor after your tantrums are over.


            • Well, it’s obvious you have contempt for me, but what does that have to do with Sundance (for instance) and content?


            • It’s simple: you have behaved *exactly* the same as the establishment that your site is opposed to, including and especially supposedly being opposed to the means that the establishment uses. That includes controlling who gets to speak and when. Very hypocritical. You are the establishment on your blog, and it went to your head.

              And no, I don’t have contempt for you.

              I do think you are disconnected from any recognition of what people are like outside of your contry club treehouse. You’d probably be amazed at how many of your own readers don’t agree with your elitism.


  2. Here’s the new thread you asked for. You can reduce the number of nested comments. I recommend that. Also, white letters on a black background cause eye strain.


    • Alright, I’m off to vote. Be nice and explain to your group over there that I am not responding to them for lack of response, but because I will not agree to being moderated in advance. I have very many times debated against 5 to 1o libs at a time, this kind of thing doesn’t bother me personally.

      On a very quick glance, I see one that claims I was not subjected to ad hominem, while you yourself admitted you were doing it.. as in saying “here’s one more for you”. So there’s intellectual dishonesty.

      Another apparently believes that moderators can do whatever they want, that’s what I call toadies. You have more than a few there, I’m more the individualistic type myself so I can’t understand kowtowing.


      • The term ad hominem means, “relating to or associated with a particular person”. That’s right. But my comments weren’t attacks, or meant to ignore the substance of your remarks, which I addressed.

        If your blog ever has heavy comment traffic, you will understand. If you don’t moderate at all, your comment sections will look like the ones at Mediaite or Breitbart. The ones where the commenters call each other nasty names.


      • Since you can’t debate with just one conservative, I find it difficult to imagine you debating successfully with five or ten libs at a time.

        Don’t vote for socialists. They agree with you about capitalism though, so maybe that’s your cup of tea.


        • Oh, you are a riot. You are the one that shut down debate on your blog. But I suppose that it depends on what the meaning of “is” is.

          And you are not much of a conservative, you are a more of an elitist fiscal comservative which means that you defend the rich.


          • I never shut down debate. ALL of your comments appeared; none were edited or deleted.

            I defend every honest conservative person in this country, rich or poor. Honest rich people are deserving of defense.


            • Sure, you didn’t make a censorship move by putting me on moderation. Depends on what “is” is, right?

              And you can try to claim that move did not have a chilling effect on others’ speech. Except for the natural born toadies.

              I’ll be here tomorrow. You can put up or shut up, unmoderated of course. You can explain why Trump says its okay to tax the hedge fund people. He’s such a socialist.

              And just think, you participated on a place without the heavy hand of censorship. Probably a new experience for you.


            • I’m curious – which of our readers do you call “toadies”? Care to mention them by name?

              And Trump is correct to tax the hedge fund people at the same rate as everyone else. What’s socialist about that, other than the graduated income tax is socialist by definition?

              As for participating on a place without moderation, it’s easy when you only have two people commenting other than yourself. Wait until you have fifty or five hundred. When you get the white supremacists and the BLM crowd, using every obscenity and crude description that can come up with.


  3. Capitalism is what has allowed me to be able to put my son through college, build a new house as well as a retirement fund and a successful small business. Because of that business, I have been able to hire some hard working people who had real needs and were unable to make ends meet before.
    It was a larger business that visited our county searching for a place to expand. It is a 75 million dollar company w/ centers all over the country.
    I was able to find a commercial property for them as their realtor. They bought it, renovated it, and employed 300 plus people. Not to mention all of the small business owners such as plumbers, electricians, computer techs, and builders who were employed to carry out the renovation. And, they hired my small commercial cleaning business to do daily cleaning.
    Even the little dollar store sitting beside their building has more than tripled its profit from the 300 or so patrons they now have daily.
    This is capitalism at its finest. It is what moves our economy and lifts people out of poverty. I am living proof.


    • That’s still a small business. Do they get regular meetings at the White House to shape policy according to their wants, as google does? Nope, that’s exactlty the kind of *small* business that was crushed regularly by Bill Gates on his way up to becoming anointed as one of the most admired people in America. Crushed via unfair means.

      Congratulations to you for what you did, and thanks for telling your story.


      • You’re welcome, and thank you for the congratulations.
        However, you missed my point. Which is, I think, the root of the disagreement you have with Stella of TCTH. There is a difference between crony capitalism (which the Treehouse has consistently labored against), and capitalism.
        Small or not, this company has been in business since 1987 and continues to grow and expand, bringing jobs to the areas they expand to. That the owner, CFO, CEO, and president are rich means they have done and continue to do a good job. I am grateful for that because it has provided numerous opportunities for me to “get ahead” and make more money. I sell real estate to their employees relocating here. I also find rentals for other employees who now know I’m the go to person for housing. I’m there twice a day cleaning and they all come to me for help in finding housing. Best advertising ever.
        This is capitalism, not crony capitalism. Understanding the difference is critical.


        • Id also suggest reading the Prayer Requests threads at the Treehouse. You’ll quickly learn these people are not at all “country club elistists”- far from it.


        • It’s pretty much common usage to now equate the term ‘capitalism’ with crony capitalism. That’s fair because there are no super rich individuals or large corporations that are not part of crony capitalism. They devote a lot of resources (from campaign contributions to lobbyists to teams of lawyers) to get their way unfairly.

          On the other hand, we have the cronies masquerading behind the term ‘free market’ even though they try always to crush the free market. They comingle ‘free market’ with ‘capitalism’ as if they are the same. Any criticism of the filthy rich gets met with cries of “Socialism!!!” and “Communism!!” That’s why it’s important to distinguish between capitalism and free market and to not say that capitalism is free market.

          Someone starting and running a small business might have very little to zero capital, yet very much be a part of the free market system.

          This concept kind of relates to the saying that “freedom of the press only belongs to those who own one”. Likewise, capitalism in the practical sense only relates to the very rich who have very large amounts of capital.

          Likewise, CTH via Stella says, “I own this printing press so shut up”.


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